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  1. Tekon

    What's your favourite Mythical Games minigame?

    Mythical Games has a whole bunch of different quirky games to offer. From passing potatoes to taking to the skies, it offers a variety that challenge different skills. But which one's your favourite? Let us know by replying to this down below ?
  2. Tekon

    Halloween Event - AVAILABLE NOW

    Feeling scared yet? Dare you join the MythicalMC server and experience the Halloween Event? Now LIVE until November 8th! We've been super hard at work to put together brand new content and features for a special limited-time event that should scare your socks off! Here's everything that's...
  3. Tekon

    The Beta Update - NOW LIVE!

    Here we are! After weeks of playing the games and collecting feedback, we are happy to announce the release of The Beta Update. This update brings mainly bug fixes but also some fresh new content to keep you on your toes. Check out what's been added below: New Maps Get ready to BLAST OFF...
  4. Tekon

    Chat Message when a Game is About to Start

    This is definitely a feature we have planned and I expect will be implemented sometime in the future :)
  5. Tekon

    MythicalMC - Now Open in Beta!

    Holy moly it finally happened! MythicalMC is now open in Public Beta! We started this project all the way back in 2015 with the goal to create a minigames server that featured quality games that both we and others enjoyed playing. After working on it off and on for all these years, we're...
  6. Tekon

    Beta Launch Announcement! - August 16th, 6pm UTC

    It's finally time... After many months of development, we're super excited to announce that MythicalMC will be launching in beta THIS FRIDAY, August 16th and 6pm UTC. We honestly can not wait to finally reveal to the world what we've been working on and to let everyone on to play our games. We...
  7. Tekon

    Hey! I'm Rumple!

    Hi Rumplepusscat! Welcome to the forums :D
  8. Tekon

    Liam's Introduction!

    Welcome to the forums, Liam! Thanks for sticking with us for so long, always appreciated the support ❤
  9. Tekon

    Hello From HighlandWolf

    Hi HighlandWolf! Welcome to MythicalMC and the forums!
  10. Tekon

    Hey, I'm Seb!

    Hey Seb! Glad to have you with us :D
  11. Tekon

    jk i can't because it's not up yet

    jk i can't because it's not up yet
  12. Tekon

    Hello! I'm lime!

    Hi lime! Welcome to MythicalMC! Glad to have you with us :D
  13. Tekon

    Coming Soon

  14. Tekon

    Looking forward to playing some Optic Strike later! :D

    Looking forward to playing some Optic Strike later! :D