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  1. Seb

    Vote for MythicalMC

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  2. Seb

    Chat Message when a Game is About to Start

    What - An announcement in chat when a game is about to start elsewhere - Perhaps it could be something like "[MythicalMC] A game of ____ is about to start! Click here to join." Where - In the main lobby - In each game mode's lobby - In game waiting rooms where the player count is less than the...
  3. Seb

    Hey, I'm Seb!

    ? Hey there, I'm Seb, but you already knew that from the title I'm not really sure as to what I should put here, but I've joined in with some of the Mythical MC alpha tests and I can't wait for the release! I look forward to getting to know you all and playing the games with everyone - Seb