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  1. MythicalMC

    Ranks - Guide

    Want to enhance your server expereince? Having a Rank gives you access to exclusive features, rewards and cosmetics that are unavailable to regular players. There are 4 different Rank options available, each offering perks that will make you stand out from the crowd! If you need help or have...
  2. MythicalMC

    Parties - Guide

    Guide Coming Soon
  3. MythicalMC

    Friendship - Guide

    Being a part of the MythicalMC community is a great opportunity to meet new people. Why not make your newfound friendships official by adding them as a friend on the server? Being friends with another player on MythicalMC allows you to see when they join or leave the server and lets you...
  4. MythicalMC

    Mythical Lottery - Guide

    The Mythical Lottery is a recurring 24 hour event that gives players an opportunity to win awesome prizes! Everyday the Mythical Lottery randomly draws the names of two players on the server. One will be the Winner and will receive a big prize while the other is the Runner Up and receives a...
  5. MythicalMC

    Friend Referrals - Guide

    Friend referrals are a great way to encourage your friends onto the server so you can both claim a reward. For every 5 friends you refer you earn a pack of 3 Mystery Crates, up to a maximum of 100 friends. If you also have a rank, you can earn extra prizes too! Once your friend is on the...
  6. MythicalMC

    Mystery Crates & Keys - Guide

    Guide Coming Soon
  7. MythicalMC

    Mythical Games - How to Play

    Mythical Games is a constantly rotating system of a variety of mini-games. Those who come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a game earn Stars that can be used to show off your your skill. Red Light, Green Light Race to the finish line but you can only move when the light is green. If it goes red and...
  8. MythicalMC

    Protect The Oracle - How to Play

    Protect the Oracle is a strategic game that requires 2 teams to maintain a balance between attack and defense in order to defeat the other. The aim of the game is to kill all players of the opposing team. However, 1 player from each team is The Oracle. As long as The Oracle remains alive then...
  9. MythicalMC

    Sky Rush - How to Play

    In Sky Rush, 2 teams take to the skies and battle it out in a deathmatch involving tactics and strategy. To win the game a team must kill all members of the opposing team. Before the game begins, players can choose their Team. When the countdown ends, the game begins and lasts for a maximum of...
  10. MythicalMC

    Optic Strike - How to Play

    Optic Strike is a short fast-paced game in which 4 teams battle it out to claim victory. The aim of the game is to change as many of the flags around the map into your team's colour. Before the game begins, players can choose their Team and the Bat they want to use in the game. When the...