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  1. Daloria

    Sky Rush Tournament - May 2020

    Here at MythicalMC we are hosting our first official Sky Rush tournament! In our custom, original Mini Game - Sky Rush, 2 teams will take to the skies and battle it out in a deathmatch involving tactics and strategy. To win the game a team must kill all members of the opposing team. First...
  2. Daloria

    The Cosmetic Update - NOW LIVE!

    Now that we’re a few weeks into 2020 we have a treat to give you! Lots of shiny new things to look at! • MASSIVE update to our cosmetics, Including animated hats! • New maps for ALL Mythical Games. • Update to the Take Flight game play. Read more below & check out the sneak peak video...
  3. Daloria

    Vote for MythicalMC

    Would you like to show your support for the server while getting some great rewards? You can so that by voting once a day on all of the links below! When you vote on links 1-3 directly below, you will receive an in-game reward. These can be keys, tokens or crates! Remember you MUST be online...
  4. Daloria


    Most rules that are in place are common sense and we aim to provide a friendly, safe and fair environment for our players. Most of the rules will be covered below however the staff have the right to use discretion based on individual situations. These rules apply to the entirety of MythicalMC...
  5. Daloria

    The Christmas Event - LIVE NOW!

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! All around MythicalMC things have become very festive! Join us from now until January 2nd and experience the fun! The elves have been hard at work to create some suitably seasonal entertainment for everyone to enjoy! • Exclusive Christmas...
  6. Daloria

    The Parkour Update: Part II - NOW LIVE!

    We did warn you there would be more... Any guesses from the clues we left with the 'Coming Soon' NPC in Parkour & on the end of the last update post? "Success is never ending, failure is never final." - Robert H. Schuller / “Choose well. Your choice is brief, and yet endless.” - Johann Wolfgang...
  7. Daloria

    The Parkour Update - NOW LIVE!

    It’s that time again folks...It’s update time! A few bug fixes here and there, Little update to the hub.. Oh and a brand new gamemode! We are pleased to announce the release of The Parkour Update (Part I)! Check out what's been added below: New Gamemode - Parkour We are absolutely buzzing...
  8. Daloria

    Hey! I'm Rumple!

    Welcome Rumple! Good to see you! :D
  9. Daloria

    Hello From HighlandWolf

    Hey Highland! Good to see you! :D
  10. Daloria

    Hey, I'm Seb!

    Hey Seb! Welcome! :D
  11. Daloria

    Liam's Introduction!

    Welcome Liam! (y) I'm sure you're going to be around a LOT!
  12. Daloria

    Hello! I'm lime!

    Welcome Lime! :D Glad you're here!
  13. Daloria

    Submitting an Application: How to & FAQ

    Below you will find requirements, the application format and FAQ answering some of the most commonly asked questions about applying for the staff team. Requirements - We are ideally looking for staff to be 15+ years old and/or show an acceptable level of maturity. (Min age 13) - You must be a...
  14. Daloria

    Submitting an Appeal: How to Guide.

    If you have been banned or muted and believe that you deserve another chance, or feel like you were punished without a valid reason then use the format below to appeal it. Before submitting an appeal please read through this thread and make sure you have all the information required and use the...
  15. Daloria

    Submitting Reports: How to Guides

    As our staff won't be in every game, on every lobby or in every discord channel, we rely on you, our lovely players, to inform us of any rule breaking or issues that we might miss and you might witness so we can deal with it and keep MythicalMC a fun filled place. We have three main ways to...