Dwarves VS Zombies (Please)

Here me out!

Why should you listen to me and develop this game, you may be asking.
- You would be the only remaining server running a properly developed version of this game. (I say properly as there is a really bad version running on another abandoned server.
- Click Bait
- Youtubers will be more likely to join and promote the server, especially ones that have been known to create this content in the past.
- It's "Fan made plugins and online posts" are being viewed every month with the common question. (Any servers still run this game? If so, whats the IP... (Liam: "Ill tell you the IP it's Play.mythicalmc.com BOOM ez playerbase.
- Me
- It's SIMPLE.
You may be thinking it's a lot harder at first but with 0 coding experience I will say this. It's Easy. (Idk but still it sounds easy so go with it)

How is it easy Liam?
Well you see its easy because the version that people want to play is the Original version. As it was simple but great! Why is that good? Because the original version is 7 years old... Back then coders where just as good as me... Meaning that it was much more simple coding.

How would you create Dwarves VS Zombies?

Step 1. Job selection
All Jobs start with a limited amount of resources
Dwarves VS Zombies contains (number) simple jobs
Builders: This consists of roughly 60% of players in the game. These people are given blocks. A mix of cobble, stone, stonebrick, and mossy versions as to make the building really look like a Keep and no just a cube with a bunch of Gamers inside. Builders get a book. This book can be used every 1 minute and gives them another 64 blocks.
Alchemist: The Job of the Alchemist is to make potions? Simple enough. Normal minecraft mechanics. All you need for this job is potion materials. You start with enough to produce so many potions and you trade your potions for left over resources to make more potions. It's a simple job of trading.
BlackSmith: Crafts weapons. Ok this part is custom but I believe in you Rushmead. :) For this you need to make a black smith table which can be as simple as a piston with particles. The black smith clicks his book every 1 minute and gets gold ore and coal. The black smith must smelt this gold and trade some of his products for redstone to make clocks. He presses the clocks onto the blacksmith table and gets swords, bows and arrows. Which he can trade for other needs such as food, redstone, armour and blocks.
Baker: Food. The use bonemeal to get flowers which they click there book to trade for bread and cake which they can trade for other needs.
Tailer: Produces armour by doing stuff. I can't remember how they got it please don't kill me.

Each class uses resources produced to create the stuff they trade with. They can gather new resources by other players or they can wait the cooldown and re click their book to get new ones in case others are not trading well :) e.g. bad team mates.

Thats the hardest PART DONE!
All that needs to be done now is to build a secure core such as a beacon. If this is destroyed the dwarves lose. But the main way they lose is by all dying. The beacon is just to stop people from hiding. If less than 5% or dwarves remain the zombies can break the beacon.
The zombies can be done via disguises and spawn with simple weapons and health. Anyone who dies becomes a zombie + A LOT of AI zombies set to kill players.
How do people die early? THE DRAGON! When the second Night approaches the dwarves must be ready to fight with their bows as the dragon is the front line attacker to eliminate the first few victims of the war!
As zombies attack players they gain damage or kills. The more damage/kills the higher chance the gods will chose them to become a stronger character such as a skeleton or iron golem or bat that have different attacking roles. E.g. wall destroyer or blablablablabla.

I probably missed stuff because im an idiot and tired. I will update missing parts as a I remember them. (Keep in mind this is a VERY old game and my brain is bad).
- Early tutorial for how the game worked if you don't already know. It's long but still.
I’ve always wanted to play Dwarves vs. Zombies. And I think this is a really nice idea. I remember watching PauseUnpause and OldManWillikers playing the game-mode on streams, and being really interested in it.

Just some pointers I wanted to throw out to you:
  • How would you plan on having, consistently, enough players in order to have regular games?
  • Is there a win condition for Dwarves? Would Zombies have limited lives each?
  • Would you consider having custom abilities to Dwarves? Perhaps having gatehouses which give buffs to the side that controls them?
  • How would you plan your (I presume) custom map to be built. Would the layout of the surrounding land give more of an advantage to Dwarves or Zombies, how far away would the Zombies spawn in, etc.?
As a response Dwarves VS Zombies has been set to be a game that the zombies win. The aim is to survive as long as possible maybe there could be a leaderboard for longest surviving players but no the dwarves cant win :)

And the player issue I forgot to mention. Simply put it's not something that should have lobbys open whenever someone clicks join. It should be ran every 3 hours or so. This makes it a set time and doesnt mean that each game has 5 people in it. Also having set times allows people to know exactly when to get on and play to keep it active.