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Sky Rush Tournament - May 2020

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Here at MythicalMC we are hosting our first official Sky Rush tournament!

In our custom, original Mini Game - Sky Rush, 2 teams will take to the skies and battle it out in a deathmatch involving tactics and strategy. To win the game a team must kill all members of the opposing team.

First place team will have the choice of 💰$80 Paypal or $140 MythicalMC store credit.💰
If 16+ teams sign up we will raise that prize… 💰$120 Paypal or
$200 MythicalMC store credit!💰

Second place team will recieve $40 MythicalMC store credit!

Third place team will recieve $20 MythicalMC store credit!

The tournament will be split over 2 days.

16th May ⏰ 6pm UK time / 1pm Eastern

17th May ⏰ 6pm UK time / 1pm...

The Cosmetic Update - NOW LIVE!

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Now that we’re a few weeks into 2020 we have a treat to give you! Lots of shiny new things to look at!

MASSIVE update to our cosmetics, Including animated hats!
• New maps for ALL Mythical Games.
• Update to the Take Flight game play.

Read more below & check out the sneak peak video!


We have some REALLY exciting new additions to our current cosmetics!


First of all we’ve overhauled the menus to sort each cosmetic type into categories to make things a little easier to find.

A ton of BRAND NEW cosmetics have been added and can now be found in various Crates:

• 9 Costumes
• 37 Normal heads
• 10 Balloons
• 10 Particle effects

On top of all of those we have finally implemented animated hats...
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