Hello! I'm lime!


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lil' bit about me!
Hi friends! I'm lime aka Brayden. I'm currently studying philosophy and psychology, as well as cinematography. I have 2 cats (Harley and Wayne) which I adore very much along side my 2 dogs (Max and Dakota). I love meeting and conversing with new people, feel free to consider me a friend! My life revolves around nature, music, and friends. I'm trying to make the most out of my lifetime and this is one of the many highlights!
some stuff I like!
I love playing games such as minecraft and MMOs such as toontown, star wars old republic, wizard101, club penguin, etc!
I am also a huge fan of various franchises: Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Disney/Pixar, Stranger Things, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, The Twilight Zone, etc! My favorite movie will forever be Toy Story. In my free time I also like playing the drums. i also like memes.

all in all
I'm real happy to be apart of this community. I hope to meet new friends on the sever and compete in games!?