Balloon Games

The Balloon Games will be an entire section or it can be mixed in with Mythical Games
This will consist of the following ideas.
(Names are just ugh because I'm bad at names)

Balloon Battles:
A game in which everyone has fly inside an arena and has to fly and hit an enemies balloon each player has 3 lives.

Balloon Maze:
Each player has to move slowly guiding their balloon above them through the maze without going to quick and snapping the rope for going to far away.

Balloon Pop:
POP as many balloons as you can. E.g. the map is covered in them almost like a remake of find the button.

Pop The Pig:
A pig with levitation is carried across an almost 2D like area from right to left and you have to shoot a bow and pop the balloon dropping the pig into the pen. Each successful drop is a point.

Rise The Colour:
Each team has a different colour balloon. All the ballons are rising to the ceiling trying to reach the green layer. While the balloons rise its your aim to shoot down the other colours balloons to stop them rising to the point zone.

And many more...
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