Chat Message when a Game is About to Start

- An announcement in chat when a game is about to start elsewhere
- Perhaps it could be something like "[MythicalMC] A game of ____ is about to start! Click here to join."

- In the main lobby
- In each game mode's lobby

- In game waiting rooms where the player count is less than the minimum number required to start

- If you're not in a game, but looking through the lobbies to find where people are it provides easy access to join the soonest starting game
- It should decrease the chance of you missing the start of a game and having to wait for another to start when trying to hop through lobbies to join

This is something that I've seen implemented on a couple of other servers, and I think it would work quite well here.
P.S: I hope this is an okay-ish suggestion, I'm not really sure how to format these posts. Thanks for reading it anyway :)
EDIT: Spoilers look really cool here
It would be a good idea to help fill the games currently however this is just the Beta Launch. When the server is more popular later down the road there should be games running a lot more often so this would no longer be needed.