Friendship - Guide

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Being a part of the MythicalMC community is a great opportunity to meet new people. Why not make your newfound friendships official by adding them as a friend on the server?

Being friends with another player on MythicalMC allows you to see when they join or leave the server and lets you teleport to them if they are in another Hub or Lobby.

Your friends list on the server has a limited amount of slots, but you can upgrade your slots by purchasing a rank from the MythicalMC Store.

To add a player as a friend, type:
/friend add <Player>
For example, /friend add Steve

If another player adds you as a friend, you can either Accept or Deny their request by clicking the buttons in chat, or by typing:
/friend accept <Player>

/friend deny <Player>
For example, if Steve sent you a friend request and you wanted to accept, you would type: /friend accept Steve

To view who your friends are on the server, type:
/friend list

To teleport to a friend in another Hub or Lobby, type:
/friend tp <Player>

For example, /friend tp Steve

If you want to remove a player from your Friends List, type:
/friend delete <Player>

For example, /friend delete Steve
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