Good news, we're staying open!

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Hey everyone 👋

Due to your overwhelming response to Mythical shutting down, over the past week I have been searching for a way to keep this server up and running and I believe I have found a solution! It’s been so touching to see all your comments about what Mythical means to you and gave me the motivation to keep this community running for as long as possible.

Since the very start, our server has been running on a pretty pricey dedicated box which was the main reason why I decided to shut down in the first place. Luckily, the black friday sale had some really good deals on some servers which are a lot cheaper. The specs are a bit different, but I’m expecting Mythical to run as smooth as normal. I’m kicking myself for not doing this earlier as I feel bad for bringing you on this emotional roller-coaster ride.

So instead of closing down on the 3rd, we are staying open!

The server will be in maintenance mode for a day or more over the next week to move everything over to the new server.

I’ll make another announcement once we’re fully moved over to the new server.

Thank you all! ❤
Not open for further replies.