Hello From HighlandWolf

Howdy partner!

My name is HighlandWolf, and this is my “hello” speech.
I’ll keep it brief, no essays – so don’t worry!

In-game you may know me as Tigrez_. Over the past three years I have been creating online Minecraft events, and have made it one of my main focuses in life. In my three years of experience I co-founded one of Minecraft’s largest event organisations. Partnering with some of Minecraft’s most notable companies, such as StickyPiston. Making an enjoyable, yet meaningful experience for players is what I do.

But I never started out doing event design; from August 2016, until April 2018 I moderated on a server called Island Clash. By moderating for almost two years, it helped give me the knowledge of how to manage an online community, and talk confidently with users online. And, above all else, it taught me patience and maturity.

A lot of the time you will find me working on something for my organisation; but you can also find me playing casually from time-to-time. You can also catch me shoutcasting for eSports tournaments online – if you’re into that sort of stuff.

I cannot wait to play with you all on MythicalMC on August 16th. I’ll see you there!