Ideas for some new Games that could be implemented into Mythical.

Enderpearl Golf.
Game idea.

18 holes.
5 easy. 5 average. 5 hard. 3 pro.
Everyone is invisible, and locked in place. You throw an enderpearl to move. Every time you throw an enderpearl you gain "1 stroke," and if the enderpearl lands out of bounds you teleport back to where you previously were and gain "2 strokes" instead of one. Each hole has a limit to how many strokes you can use. Once you reach the max amount of strokes, you're out. If the enderpearl lands within a few blocks of a beacon, you move on to the next hole and your stroke counter resets.
From what it sounds like right now, this game is awfully dull. So let's make it a race. The goal of Enderpearl golf is to now be the first person to the eighteenth hole.

Creeper among us. . .
Game idea.

(essentially "finding bigfoot")
All vs 1
The "Creeper" is randomly selected out of everyone once the game starts. The creeper's player name is shown to everyone playing once the game starts, and that player is put at one of four starting locations across the map. The map is vast, filled with different zones. There's a plains biome, where everyone starts. The plains contains a few tents by a campsite, and an RV. The RV contains supplies that the "hunters" (everyone who isn't a creeper) will need if they want to take down the creeper. The first minute of the game is daytime. The second minute is nighttime. The third minute is daytime, fourth night, fifth day. The Creeper's goal is to survive 5 minutes, while the hunters track down the creeper.
• The creeper has a sprint meter (most likely the experience bar), and they can use it to quickly flee if they find themselves swarmed by people, however this meter depletes fast and takes a long while to charge up. The creeper has a lot of health but cannot heal, and their health will always be displayed at the top of the hunter's screens. The creeper has no melee or ranged weapons. The creeper does have a punch that hurts really badly however. It's second punch will also slow players down momentarily.
• The hunters have long ranged guns (bows), and flares to signal other hunters where they are. Upon being "knocked out" from losing the majority of their health to the creeper, they will obtain a glowing affect. If the glowing affect runs out before a teammate can arrive to heal them, that hunter is now spectating. Hunters also have motion detectors that they can place that will alert all hunters via a sound cue if the creeper has gotten close to one of them. However the hunters will not be alerted as to which motion detector went off. The hunters also may find tracking arrows (rare find) hidden in other zones, that will give the creeper a glowing affect for 20 seconds after being shot from it.
• The creeper's sprint meter goes away during the night, and the creeper is now 2 times faster than the hunters. The creeper now deals two times as much damage, and now practically stands a chance against all of the hunters. . . oh and the creeper has unlimited night vision.
• The hunters can use flares to light up an area, and they have a meter for flashlights now (night vision).

Taking on the hive
Game idea.

Small Team vs Large Team
The "Bee" team protects a skybase known as "the hive", while the "Bear" team tries infiltrating it. Bees have elytras, rockets, and plenty of knockback sticks. The bears have three minutes to build up to the hive and break a wool block within it.

The bee team should have a surplus of players, and the bear team shouldn't have many. The bear team will not perish from bee stings, but they can lose their balance and fall off their towers that they've made while building up to the hive. The bees on the other hand are very weak, and will perish after being struck twice by a bear. The bears respawn instantly, but the bees take a while.

Lights out.
Mini game idea.
Free For All
Daytime. Everyone is locked in place. You can move your mouse and view those around you.
Nighttime. Everyone can move, everyone has blindness, and everyone has 1 hit swords.
Day and night switch every now and then.

Gravity Pearl Spleef
Game idea.

Team vs Team
This will get confusing fast so stay with me.
There's two layers to this game. The roof and your floor. Your floor is constantly updating the other arena's roof. Upon dropping an enderpearl, you fall onto the roof of your arena- or the floor of the enemy's arena. If there is a hole directly above you, and you drop the enderpearl, you fall into the void. You can look up at any time during your gameplay to see a colored-wool block on the roof which marks where an enemy is. If you drop the enderpearl (causing you to fall onto the ceiling (joining the other arena)) you're now where what was once your ceiling but it is now your floor. Now upon looking up you'll see a colored-wool block which marks where your team-mates are. You have a shovel, and for every 5 snow blocks you break you receive an arrow. Arrows can be shot up at the ceiling, which will break the block on the ceiling (or the block on the floor for those playing on what you'd think to be the ceiling).

More technically put:
There are TWO arenas. One arena for Team A, and one arena for Team B. The floor of Team B's starting arena, is the roof over Team A's arena, and vice versa. Everyone has an enderpearl in the 1st slot in their hotbar. Upon dropping the enderpearl, you receive a quick levitation affect, and then you're teleported to the same coordinate (in relation to where you are in Arena A) at Arena B.

Thanks for listening to my ideas. Any counter-ideas or questions?