(Look at recent post) MythicalMC shutting down 3rd December 9pm GMT

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Update: Please check out our recent post, we are no longer closing down!

Hi everyone, It’s been a while hasn’t it. It’s really hard for me to be writing this right now as Mythical has been a part of my life for a very long time but sadly…

MythicalMC will shutdown 3rd December 9pm GMT

If I could, I would just leave it running forever, but sadly the running costs are just too much and I don't really have much time anymore as I’m employed full time. I will always remember the experiences and people that I’ve met with this server. It’s also what helped me get my current full time position at Spark Universe where I help code Minecraft events such as Twitch Rivals, 100Thieves, GCX and other experiences! You can check it out here: https://sparkuniverse.com/ *cheeky link*

MythicalMC has been running for 3 years now (since 2019) and we’ve achieved a lot together! I think one of my favourite memories would be the Sky Rush Tournament in May 2020. So many teams applied and I really had fun presenting the tournament and seeing everyone strategizing new ways of winning. What were your favourite memories of Mythical? I would love to know in #General. You can still find the whole livestream on our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/mythicalmcnetwork/video/623088272

@Tekon#6993 and I had the idea of making MythicalMC in 2014 but I wasn’t a developer *yet* so nothing really happened until 2017 where MythicalMC took around 2 years to design and code (that's a long time!). If you have any questions about MythicalMC or anything else, let me know in #General. I actually made a video a while back about the history if you want to check it out: YouTube - "where did callum go? i miss his quality content"

I will be keeping this Discord server up so we can always talk if you want to, plus who knows, maybe we’ll come back at some point in the future!

I would like to say a big thanks to:
  • Tekon - Co-owner - Helped design everything with endless design documents which were super useful when coding! You can still find him working on Cubed! https://cubedcon.com/ a charity Minecraft event which I help out with too.
  • Daloria - Former Admin - Built some amazing maps and helped create our community.
  • Rushmead - Former Developer - Created the infrastructure behind MythicalMC.
  • Former Mods - LiamCantPlayMC, Uncurse (The master of all Mythicals Games) and Trial mod Limegreenicy.
  • All our Livestreamers and YouTubers - Pandy, Anubis, Slenderman Games and many more!
  • All our donors (Top donors: Uncurse, SenkaSnek, CHAR3H, zuluwest12, iHunt3r_, pc_mean, SirSouk, BradW, Canis18, ZaoTheGhosttt)
  • And finally all our players.

Once again, thank you so much everyone for making MythicalMC.
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