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Most rules that are in place are common sense and we aim to provide a friendly, safe and fair environment for our players.

Most of the rules will be covered below however the staff have the right to use discretion based on individual situations. These rules apply to the entirety of MythicalMC including servers, forums, Discord and any other connected platforms.

General Rules
• Be polite and appropriate at all times.
• Keep all chats free of inappropriate and offensive content.
• Keep language appropriate. This means no swearing, racism or anything else that would be considered offensive or inappropriate.
• No spamming.
• Do not post inappropriate links.
• Do not impersonate Staff or VIPs.
• No inappropriate usernames.
• No advertising.
• Do not use alt accounts to avoid punishments.
• No Hacking.
• Do not exploit glitches. Any found should be reported to staff.
• Do not use inappropriate skins.
• Do not bump threads excessively.

These rules can and may be adjusted at any time if required.
If any of the above are broken, players will receive punishment deemed appropriate by the staff team.
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