Selling Crates


I'm pretty sure this has been suggested before but I wanted to make it official.

Allow players to sell crates to get tokens because when a player runs out of keys they can't open any crates they get unless they buy keys from the store or get referrals. However, if players don't want to buy keys or get any more referrals they're stuck with crates they can't do anything with. In another situation, they might not want to use a key on a basic crate shall we say so they want to save the key for a better crate, adding a way to sell crates allows players to get something out the crate even if it isn't a cosmetic item. Plus with this other way of earn tokens players can save and buy the crates they want.

I was thinking that the crates would be sold at these prices:
Basic - 50 tokens
Rare - 100 tokens
Epic - 200 tokens
Legendary - 400 tokens
Dragon - 800 tokens
The prices are purely subjective and if others see these prices as wrong that's completely fine.

I understand this ruins the incentive for players to buy keys but this way, at least players don't have to let their crates sit and expire, they can actually do something with them.