Submitting an Application: How to & FAQ

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Below you will find requirements, the application format and FAQ answering some of
the most commonly asked questions about applying for the staff team.

- We are ideally looking for staff to be 15+ years old and/or show an acceptable level of maturity. (Min age 13)
- You must be a member of the MythicalMC Discord and have a working microphone.
- You must be active on the MythicalMC Network.

- You must be fluent English speaker.

Application Format
Please make sure to follow the format when submitting your application.

- Minecraft IGN or UUID:
- Age: (See age requirements before applying)
- Timezone:
- Discord ID: (eg username#0001)

- Which MythicalMC games do you primarily play on?

- Will you be able to capture/upload evidence for punishments?

- Why would you like to become staff on MythicalMC?

- How much time will you be able to be active on the server in the average week?

- Are you currently a staff role on any other server?

- Scenario: You join a game and find two players are engaging in some pretty nasty smack talk, Trading insults back and forth. How would you handle this situation as a staff member?

- Scenario: You get into a situation where a very well know and outspoken player has skirted the rules and is arguing with you about a punishment they received as they feel it was unfair. They will not back down. What would you do?

- What do you think your highest priorities would be as a staff member?

- Have you received any punishments while playing on MythicalMC? (Please be honest as lying would potentially hurt your application. If you are unsure you can ask a staff member if you have been punished in the past.)

- Is there anything else that you think we should know about you that could have an effect on your application?


How do I submit my application?
Start a new threat in the Apply for Staff section of the forums and use the Application format included in this post.

How do I apply for Senior mod and up?
You cannot apply directly for these positions. All members of staff begin as Trial Mod and have the chance to progress within the staff team.

How long will it take to get a response?
Applications are reviewed once a week. Only successful applicants will be contacted. Please only submit a new application once every 3 weeks.

When will applications close?
Applications are always open so feel free to apply anytime you feel you might be ready for the team!

Do I need to have a donor rank to apply?
No, you do not.

Will punishments on MythicalMC affect my ability to apply?
We will look into your history on the network, however a punishment does not guarantee you will not be taken on.

What happens if I am accepted?
We will contact you via forum message or Discord. Only successful applicants will be contacted.
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