Submitting Reports: How to Guides

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As our staff won't be in every game, on every lobby or in every discord channel, we rely on you, our lovely players, to inform us of any rule breaking or issues that we might miss and you might witness so we can deal with it and keep MythicalMC a fun filled place.

We have three main ways to submit reports. You can submit one in game via command, in the Submit Report section of the forum and via the Support drop down at the top of the page. This post will give you some help and advice when it comes to deciding how to report an issue and what to say to make sure it's handled correctly!

Reporting in Submit Report section

When submitting a report on the forum please include the following where it is relevant:

- IGN (The rule breaker, not your own)

- Reason (Why are you making this report)

- Evidence (Screenshots, Video proof etc)

- Approx time/date of the incident

- Any further info (Anything else you might find relevant eg. The game the player was in, Where did the rule break take place

Reporting via the Support drop down

Click the support button at the top of the page, then from the drop down click Report a player.

This will redirect you to a form that asks for the IGN, Reason, Evidence, Approx time/date of the incident and any further info that you may find relevant.

Reporting In-Game

To report a player in game use the following command:
/report IGN [Reason]

The reason can be any form of rule break. This includes, but is not limited to, Fly hacking, advertising, Game exploits, etc. eg /report Tekon Kill Aura, Fly Hacking, Excessive swearing.

It is unlikely that you will hear directly from the staff regarding the outcome of a report but we may need to contact you if further information is required to deal with the issue.

Thank you for all your help keeping MythicalMC bug & rule breaker free!
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