The Endless Parkour Challenge


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To celebrate the recent launch of Endless Parkour, we are throwing down some challenges to ALL Parkour players and offering some amazing rewards for those with the skills to rise to them!

The Challenges

If you can reach the targets below in ONE solo game you can win these fantastic prizes:
100 Jumps: 1 Legendary Crate
200 Jumps: 2 Dragon Crates
500 Jumps: An Elite Rank for 1 month

Any player that reaches 10,000 total lifetime jumps can claim a pack of 5 Mystery Crates!

If you succeed in any of these challenges, take a screenshot of your stats and either send it to the parkour-times channel in Discord or reply to this thread and your rewards will be sent to you as soon as we can!

Community Goals

We love our community and we also want to give you the chance to work towards some common goals! If these targets are reached, then we will unlock some amazing giveaways that everyone will be able to join!

These goals are made up of the total of all players Lifetime Jumps
100,000 Total Lifetime Jumps - 20 Mystery Crates + 10 Keys Giveaway
200,000 Total Lifetime Jumps - One 3x Multiplier (Game of your choice), 20 Mystery Crates + 5 Legendary Crates Giveaway
500,000 Total Lifetime Jumps - Three 3x Multiplier (1 for each game), 20 Mystery Crates + 5 Dragon Crates Giveaway
1 Million Total Lifetime Jumps - Prime+ Giveaway

You have until Midnight GMT on the 30th of November so get jumping!

Good luck and have fun!