The Parkour Update: Part II - NOW LIVE!


We did warn you there would be more...

Any guesses from the clues we left with the 'Coming Soon' NPC in Parkour & on the end of the last update post?
"Success is never ending, failure is never final." - Robert H. Schuller / “Choose well. Your choice is brief, and yet endless.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Well speculate no more! Introducing our brand new game mode...

Endless Parkour

After lots and lots of work, we can finally release this incredibly fun & potentially raging inducing version of parkour!

You will find yourself on an endlessly generating parkour course that increases in difficulty the further you progress.
How do you reach the end? You don't! It won't stop going until you leave or fall!

There are 4 different ways to play:

Solo Mode - Enjoy your own private course!

Hardcore Mode - Play together as a team on the same course… But when one falls, you all fail!

Last Man Standing Mode - Compete along the same course as the rest of your group. Whoever is the last one not to fall, wins!

Co-op Mode - One of your group must make it to the end of each section to continue. Once you all fall in one section you lose!

Environments & Parkour blocks

Be on the look out for environments and parkour blocks in Crates so you can customise your surroundings before you embark on your run!

All players will start with the default Day/Night environment and cyan hardened clay parkour block.


There are currently 3 environments & 6 Parkour blocks that everyone has a chance to find in crates:

Environments - Valley - Music Notes - Stranger Walls
Parkour Blocks - Orange concrete, Magenta concrete, Light blue concrete, Lime concrete, Purple concrete & Red concrete.

Prime & Elite rank will be able to find exclusive environments & blocks in crates:
- Prime: Gallery environment - Rainbow blocks
- Elite: Lanterns environment - Snow, Dark Prismarine, Gold block, Noteblock

We really hope you guys enjoy this new addition to the MythicalMC world!

Other Changes - Bug fix to Hide & Seek (Players no longer get kicked for AFKing)