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Referral Competition - Win $20 PayPal

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Want to win $20 PayPal?

We are running a small competition to see who can get the most referrals on the server from today until 14th of December.

Follow these simple instructions to win:
  1. Ask players to join play.mythicalmc.com 🎮
  2. After 15 minutes, tell them to type /referral [your username]. ⌨
The person with the most referrals will win $20! 🎉

There is a minimum of 5 referrals to qualify in this competition!

Here are a few ideas to get people to join:
  • Ask Friends 👋
  • Post on Twitter 📣
  • Make a video or livestream 📹
  • Tell your grandma 👵
Are you ready to win? Start right now!

Good luck everyone! 🤞

Any use of alts, using spam or any other unfair gains may lead to your removal from this competition or a more serious punishment.

Sky Rush Tournament - May 2020

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Here at MythicalMC we are hosting our first official Sky Rush tournament!

In our custom, original Mini Game - Sky Rush, 2 teams will take to the skies and battle it out in a deathmatch involving tactics and strategy. To win the game a team must kill all members of the opposing team.

First place team will have the choice of 💰$80 Paypal or $140 MythicalMC store credit.💰
If 16+ teams sign up we will raise that prize… 💰$120 Paypal or
$200 MythicalMC store credit!💰

Second place team will recieve $40 MythicalMC store credit!

Third place team will recieve $20 MythicalMC store credit!

The tournament will be split over 2 days.

16th May ⏰ 6pm UK time / 1pm Eastern

17th May ⏰ 6pm UK time / 1pm...
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