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The Parkour Update - NOW LIVE!

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It’s that time again folks...It’s update time!

A few bug fixes here and there, Little update to the hub.. Oh and a brand new gamemode!
We are pleased to announce the release of The Parkour Update (Part I)!

Check out what's been added below:

New Gamemode - Parkour

We are absolutely buzzing to release this new game mode!


To start you off, everyone will have one map for each difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard) and there are a whole bunch more for you to unlock by completing maps and earning Parkour coins! Each map gives you the chance to earn up to 3 stars. Earning stars will reward you with more coins!

New Mythical Games

That's right! We have not one.. But TWO brand new additions to Mythical Games

Hide & Seek

Find the perfect spot and wait it out... Sneak from one place to...

Halloween Event - AVAILABLE NOW

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Feeling scared yet?

Dare you join the MythicalMC server and experience the Halloween Event? Now LIVE until November 8th!

We've been super hard at work to put together brand new content and features for a special limited-time event that should scare your socks off!

Here's everything that's included:

  • Exclusive Halloween Cosmetics
  • Halloween Bundle on the MythicalMC Store, saving you 50% off a collection of goodies including a rank, crates and more!
  • General 30% Sale on the MythicalMC Store!
  • Halloween Mystery Crates
  • Three new maps for Optic Strike, Sky Rush and Protect The...
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